Four Common Reasons for Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common enemy to many of us. Often times, our weight gain seems to creep up on us slowly. Other times, we may watch the scale as the numbers seem to rise before our very eyes. We watch our waistlines expand, have to get a new wardrobe, and begin to dread stepping […]

How much cholesterol in an egg?

The list of different types of eggs shows how cholesterol in an egg fluctuates from 140 to 270 mg depending on size, brand and how farmers raise their chickens. I really wonder if it’s possible that so many established entities can’t agree about the amount of cholesterol in 1 egg? According to the Mayo Clinic, […]

How to make smoothies

Follow these easy tips and instructions so you will know how to make perfect smoothies and enjoy a delicious drink in a few minutes from now. The word smoothie was first used for a refreshing drink originally made from fresh pureed fruit that is "thickened" with ice-shavings and banana without yogurt. The drinks themselves originated […]

What is candlenut?

Learn what candlenut is used for, how it is called in other languages, why you need to cook it before eating and how to substitute it with other nuts. As the name implies: these nuts are so rich in oil, that they can be lightened (as what they used to do in Hawaii: each nut […]

Thai curry chicken recipe

Serves 2 in less than 45 minutes: delicious and easy Thai red chicken curry with homemade or supermarket curry paste.

Thai green curry paste recipe

Much more tastier than what you find in the supermarket: quick and easy Thai green curry paste recipe with mostly fresh ingredients: make enough and store access in your freezer.

This paste can also become a red paste when you simply substitute the green pepper with red pepper. You can read further following this link for a delicious yet simple Thai red curry paste recipe.

Thai red curry paste recipe

This fast and easy fiery Thai red curry paste recipe in a blender can be used 3 to 6 times in meals for 4 people.

If you can’t find Thai red curry paste ready made in your local supermarket, or you want a more authentic flavor that fits your creativity and palate, use the recipe below as a guideline.

Thai tom yum soup recipe

Learn how to make a delicious sweet, sour and spicy tom yum soup in less than 20 minutes with easy to find ingredients.

What is a low carb diet?

Of course everybody can figure out what a low carb diet is all about, but we will illustrate how and when it will make you lose weight with little effort. What is a healthy diet, do I buy diet products or do I look for slimming pills? Is every diet healthy or am I starving […]

Strawberry kiwi smoothie

Enjoy a sweet mixture of summer fruits with this delicious and healthy strawberry kiwi smoothie recipe.