Free negative calorie recipes

Enjoy Breakfast Pancakes: simply one of the best free negative calorie recipes from the author of the Complete Negative Calorie Food Diet e-Book.

Sitz bath for Hemorrhoids

Enjoy instant comfort and relief from irritating and painful piles using a sitz bath for hemorrhoids.

Home remedies for constipation in children

Learn these effective home remedies for constipation in children, so your child won’t need to suffer any longer without going on lifelong medication.

How to make smoothies

Follow these easy tips and instructions so you will know how to make perfect smoothies and enjoy a delicious drink in a few minutes from now.

What is candlenut?

Learn what candlenut is used for, how it is called in other languages, why you need to cook it before eating and how to substitute it with other nuts. As the name implies: these nuts are so rich in oil, that they can be lightened (as what they used to do in Hawaii: each nut […]

Venezuelan arepas recipe

Prepare this quick and easy traditional Venezuelan arepas recipe so you will enjoy these delicious corncakes with your own choice of savory filling. No oven needed, a frying pan works equally well. Fill your arepas simply with cheese or with any combination of savory meats, beans, plantains and/or again cheese. What are arepas? Translated from […]

Tiger prawn recipe

Prepare this delicious, quick and easy tiger prawn recipe with tips how to enjoy juicy prawns without overcooking them. Prawns are easily overcooked, which makes them though to eat, about 5 minutes on the fire should be the maximum. When you don’t mind to get your hands dirty during dinner, you can leave the shell […]

Lamb vindaloo recipe

A delicious lamb vindaloo recipe taken from the 1000 quick and easy 5 star Indian Recipes: buy it now, special promotion for only $6.95.

Indian curry chicken recipe

Simply cook this very easy authentic Indian curry chicken recipe so you will enjoy a delicious dish after little work and minimal dishes. When you want this dish to be completely authentic, use a mortar and pestle. When you are a busy cook, buy all means save time and use a blender in stead of […]

Thai burgers

An easy recipe to make a Thai burger: not too spicy but with a taste of Thai.

I have a dear friend who says she loves the taste of Thai food without too much spiciness. She asked me if I could give her some Thai food recipes with the following restrictions: "no Thai green chicken curry, no chicken, not using any paste and please don’t use coconut milk, as I am on a diet…"

🙂 … In the true spirit of the land with the eternal smiles, I put a smile on my face and gave her the following recipe.