List of foods that help to lower your cholesterol

Enjoy an extensive list of foods that help to lower your cholesterol like delicious homemade food and juices. Change your diet easily with this list of all foods that help you to lower your bad cholesterol. Clear info about what is good and bad cholesterol.

Caesar salad dressing recipe

Prepare this easypeasy caesar salad dressing recipe so you will enjoy the best salad ever with little effort but lots of taste. Also delicious as a chicken dip. Although the name of the salad doesn’t have anything to do with Roman emperor Julius Caesar or the Romans for that matter, it is traditionally served with […]

Chocolate truffles recipe

2 easy and proven chocolate truffle recipes that even your kids can make, so you can enjoy delicious and cheap chocolate sweets whenever you feel like it. What are chocolate truffles? They are chocolate confectioneries with the odd form of a truffle mushroom, covered in cocoa powder. These sweet treats are actually made from what […]

Malaysian food recipes

Browse this delicious list of Malaysian food recipes, so you will know all the best food in Malaysia: where to buy it or how to prepare it yourself. The best of all South Asian cuisines (except Philippine cuisine) can be found concentrated in Malaysia, and if you want to narrow it down to one city, […]

Bo La Lot

Prepare this easy bo la lot recipe so you will enjoy this delicious and popular Vietnamese dish without having to spend lots of money in a Vietnamese restaurant. This dish translates to bo (= beef) in lolot leaves (= a South Asian eatable vine). For those familiar with Vietnamese food, you will recognize the word […]

Pork curry recipe

A delicious and easy pork rib recipe: Thai pork curry prepared with homemade curry paste.

This dish is a typical fusion cooking recipe: it looks like a Belgian stew that normally starts with frying the meat, but the added ingredients are more what you would find in Thai recipes.

Recipe for chocolate truffles

Prepare this easy recipe for chocolate truffles so you will enjoy the best Belgian chocolate truffles: much cheaper and more delicious than the chocolates you buy in the shop. This recipe contains added sugar, hence surely not paleo! What are the best Belgian chocolates…? Almond Truffles! I prefer a basic chocolate with some almonds or […]

Easy chocolate truffles recipe

Use this easy chocolate truffles recipe so you will learn how to make delicious treats to share with friends and family or how to simply indulge yourself . Needless to say that you all heard about one of these Belgian chocolate brands like: Callebaut, Cote d’or, Perette, Godiva or Leonidas. Indeed, even these Greek sounding […]

Pictures of Greek food

A few pictures of Greek food, so you know what to eat in Greece, where to eat it and especially the difference between popular Greek food and authentic Greek food. I stumbled upon some travel pictures from 2007 on the Island of Kos in Greece and across the ocean: Bodrum Turkey. Have a look of […]