How to Lower Cholesterol

This infographic teaches you how to lower your cholesterol, so you could stave off the need to take cholesterol-lowering drugs, or enhance their effectiveness.

Four Common Reasons for Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common enemy to many of us. Often times, our weight gain seems to creep up on us slowly. Other times, we may watch the scale as the numbers seem to rise before our very eyes…

Cucumber gin martini

Make this easy cucumber gin martini recipe with the freshest ingredients so you will enjoy a cheap yet the best cucumber gin martini you have ever tasted, guaranteed. Enjoy this most refreshing gin cucumber Martini. Read how to make a cucumber martini in less than 10 minutes! And we reveal the secret why you now […]

Fresh lime juice

Prepare one of these fast and delicious fresh lime juice recipes so you will be refreshed on a hot summer’s day in a very healthy way. What do you do when working outside on a hot day? I bet you grab some fuzzy drink, add lots of ice and well, before you know it, you […]

Recipe for chicken noodle soup

Enjoy Jamie Oliver’s delicious chicken soup recipe from the TV serie Oliver’s Twist: a Thai style noodle soup with fresh coriander leaves, chili and lime.

Barley water recipe

Choose from these 2 easy barley water recipes so you will make cheap and delicious drinks that could even help you lower your bad cholesterol. Barley is one of the oldest grains that at least date back to the Neolithic era, you know, the end of the Paleolithic era – the one those people on […]

Civet cat coffee

Learn why civet cat coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and how it is made, so you will know not to get scammed. Civet cat coffee originated in the Dutch coffee plantations in Indonesia, and is known in their native language as "kopi luwak": kopi is the word they use in Indonesia […]

How to make soy milk

Learn how to make soy milk so with a little extra work you will enjoy cheaper and far more delicious soy milk, compared to what is on offer in the shops. It’s very important to immediately clean whatever utensils that touched hot soy milk. When possible, grind the beans as fine as possible, so you […]

Iced coffee recipes

Prepare these delicious iced coffee recipes, so you’ll know how to make strong coffee and enjoy Vietnamese or Thai iced coffee and easy coffee ice cream. When you don’t want your drink to become diluted, due to the melting ice cubes: you could replace water with coffee and make coffee cubes. Start with making a […]

Vodka soaked watermelon

Enjoy this easy vodka soaked watermelon and witness how eating seemingly harmless watermelon makes your guests lively and brightens up your bbq or party. The recipe below is given by a friend of mine, who already started this technique at a young age of 14… For the best taste, use equal amounts of white and […]