How to Lower Cholesterol

This infographic teaches you how to lower your cholesterol, so you could stave off the need to take cholesterol-lowering drugs, or enhance their effectiveness.

Low cholesterol recipes

Learn how you’ll make your own low cholesterol recipes with these simple rules of thumb, so you’ll reduce your bad LDL without reading food labels or cookbooks.

HDL and LDL cholesterol

Clear info: learn the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol. Your Hdl should be High and your Ldl should be Low. HDL carries LDL away from artery walls. An ideal HDL and LDL cholesterol ratio should be higher than 0.4.

List of foods that help to lower your cholesterol

Enjoy an extensive list of foods that help to lower your cholesterol like delicious homemade food and juices. Change your diet easily with this list of all foods that help you to lower your bad cholesterol. Clear info about what is good and bad cholesterol.

How much cholesterol in an egg?

List of eggs from different brands, sizes and farming techniques so you will know how much cholesterol there is in an egg and which eggs are the healthiest.

First time boiling an egg in 2012

1 month after receiving my blood test results that indicated a high LDL, my initial resolve to restraint from eating eggs finally caved in and I decided to cook an egg for lunch. Lunch was a soft boiled egg and a piece of bread. Sounds meagre but well, its a simple lunch for a simple […]