Four Common Reasons for Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common enemy to many of us. Often times, our weight gain seems to creep up on us slowly. Other times, we may watch the scale as the numbers seem to rise before our very eyes…

What is a low carb diet?

Of course everybody can figure out what a low carb diet is all about, but we will illustrate how and when it will make you lose weight with little effort. What is a healthy diet, do I buy diet products or do I look for slimming pills? Is every diet healthy or am I starving […]

What is the best weight loss pill?

Learn which 2 weight loss diet pills do seem to work and are approved by the FDA as such.

Recipe for cabbage soup

Prepare this fast and easy recipe for cabbage soup so you will enjoy a delicious and healthy vegetable soup and loose some weight when you keep on eating it. When you don’t have a blender, then you need to cut all vegetables like mentioned in the recipe. When you do have a normal blender or […]

The Zone Diet

Learn the basics about the Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet, so you will know how to loose weight, have more energy and when needed: reverse diabetes type 2. Back to basics Both the Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet are based on the lifestyle and the food eaten by our forefathers : they had […]