Mango dessert recipe

Make this easy mango dessert recipe with only 2 ingredients, or add in 1 more cheap ingredient to create the quickest mango ice cream recipe you will enjoy.

Mangos are available everywhere in Malaysia, delicious to eat on their own but even more delicious when cold. When you have a blender, mangoes are ideal to blend with some milk or yoghurt and freeze. Scoop out just before it’s completely frozen and you have a creamy ice cream without any fatty cream!

Almost as good as homemade ice cream yet much easier: a mango ice recipe of guest chef Wokkingmum.

Mango ice ingredients

  • 1 mango: skinned and sliced
  • 1 cup (250 ml) home-made syrup (add to taste), made from 125 ml water and 125 grams sugar, if available, add screwpine-leaves for some extra flavor: boil water and add sugar, stir until dissolved.

How to make this simple mango dessert recipe

  1. Mango dessert recipeBlend the mango and syrup in a blender
  2. Remove and freeze the blended mango
  3. When the mango ice is about 80% frozen, remove from freezer.
  4. Use a fork and pick the mango to break the ice.
  5. Scoop and serve with mango slices.

Mango ice cream tip

  • If you have a sturdy smoothie blender, you can freeze the home-made syrup in your ice cube tray. Blend the frozen syrup with half a mango and half a cup of milk and you have just prepared the easiest mango ice cream recipe on the Internet.
  • However: never use a blender for blending ice unless the knifes come with a warranty: some blades of simple blenders do break when trying to crush big ice cubes.

We kindly thank wokkingmum :
a mum obviously, who knows how to handle a hectic life, sharing her fast cooking tips and delicious recipes an her site: Let’s get wokking. Each of her delicious recipes are illustrated with her own pictures: what you see is what you get: a culinary site we love!


  1. Its homemade in the Indian restaurant 🙂

    Most Indian restaurants serve also a yummy mango lassi.

    Thanks Elaine for letting me in your 2kbloggers community!

  2. Yum, mango ice! I just had that last night, but it wasn’t home made. It was from an Indian restaurant.

    You’ve been added to 2000 Bloggers. Check it out yourself at

  3. Oh me, oh my. My kids would love this. They always go for the Mango Ice Cream at our favorite Indian buffet. I may have to try this one.

  4. Thanks to wokkingmum 🙂

    You can try mango, ice, yoghurt and sugar, blend and put 1 hour infreezer (until icecream consistency) , almost as good or even better than mango ice cream 🙂


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