Mango Ice

Almost as good as homemade icecream yet much easier: a mango ice recipe of guest chef Wokkingmum.

Who is Wokkingmum?

A mum obviously, who knows how to handle a hectic life, sharing her fast cooking tips and delicious recipes an her site: Let’s get wokking. Each of her recipes are illustrated with her own pictures: what you see is what you get: a culinary site I love!

Mango Ice Recipe

Mango Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Mangos are available everywhere in Malaysia, delicious to eat on their own but even more delicious when cold. When you have a blender, mangoes are ideal to blend with some milk or yoghurt and freeze. Scoop out just before it’s completely frozen and you have a creamy icecream without any fatty cream.

Mango ice ingredients

  • 1 mango: skinned and sliced
  • 1 cup (250 ml) home-made syrup (add to taste), made from 125 ml water and 125 grams sugar, if available, add screwpine-leaves for some extra flavor

How to make mango ice

  1. Blend the mango and syrup in a blender
  2. Remove and freeze the blended mango
  3. When the mango ice is about 80% frozen, remove from freezer.
  4. Use a fork and pick the mango to break the ice.
  5. Scoop and serve with mango slices.

More Mango Tips

  • If you have a smoothie blender, you can freeze the home-made syrup in your icecube tray. Blend the frozen syrup with half a mango and half a cup of milk.
  • However: never use a blender for blending ice unless the knifes come with a warranty.

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