Free negative calorie recipes

Enjoy Breakfast Pancakes: simply one of the best free negative calorie recipes from the author of the Complete Negative Calorie Food Diet e-Book.

The best way to lose weight

The easiest and best way to lose weight is to eat fewer bad calories, add negative calories and increase your physical activity. Also stay away from fastfood, processed food or ready made foods.

7 day colon cleanse

Learn what history can tell you about the effectiveness of a one day colon cleanse and what the benefits are of a 7 day colon cleanse: end constipation for starters.

Edible wild berries

Enjoy delicious and extremely healthy negative calorie diet recipes with edible wild berries you can find in the woods nearby you: cheap, delicious and healthy!

Pinto bean salad

This pinto bean salad is not only great with broiled corn on the cob and grilled chicken but is yet another negative calorie diet recipe!

100 negative calorie foods

Which food with negative calories is both delicious and healthy? Find out in our top most healthy 10 items out of a list of 100 negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie diet recipe

Enjoy the most healthy negative calorie fruit of all in this negative calorie diet recipe for free: baked stuffed papaya.

Negative calorie foods recipes

Enjoy by far the most delicious of all negative calorie food recipes: grated potatoes with a delicious pepper, chili, tomato sauce.

Negative calorie food list

The negative calorie food list contains mainly the following fruits and vegetables low in nutrients but high in cellulose.