Negative Calorie Diet Reviews

The negative calorie diet is a recommended guide for rapid and permanent weight loss due to its intelligent approach to food burning. Read different reviews about this proven weight loss approach below.

The Negative Calorie Diet Review

What do you get from The Negative Calorie Diet

  • a very important chapter that teaches you how to keep motivated following your diet!
  • a list of negative calorie foods that speed up your metabolism and will actually cause you to lose weight!
  • a delicious cookbook section, full of mouth-watering recipes to make the most of the negative calorie foods from the list: to both enjoy healthy food and loosing weight
  • 3 easy muscle exercises that will firm up and tone 85% of your body’s muscles to get a great looking and healthy body.
  • a workbook to help change your eating habits and maintain your slim looks.
  • a secret to improve your breathing to lose weight and live more healthy.
  • 81 pages in .PDF format
  • Full 100% money-back guarantee

Table of contents

The Negative Calorie Diet Book Cover

There are 16 chapters in the Negative Calorie Diet ebook:

  1. What really happens after you put some food in your mouth so you can enjoy your food the best?
  2. What does food do for you?
  3. Eat all you can and enjoy: The Food List
  4. How to loose 1 pound a day… every day!
  5. Simple, delicious and quick breakfasts
  6. Your first 8 days: simply follow all these daily meals and how to enjoy them the fullest
  7. We live on food, drinks and… oxygen
  8. How to breath so you will loose weight
  9. How to easily get rid of 70% of waste inside your body.
  10. How to enjoy your next day.
  11. What to eat so you will burn fat faster.
  12. How to look great on the beach and in the mirror.
  13. What to do after the first week.
  14. How to do everything right.
  15. How to re-program yourself so you will become the person you always wanted to be.
  16. Easy and delicious recipes.

What I think about the book

What I love the most is that you can snack anytime, anywhere, as long as you stick to the list of negative calorie foods.

The recipes are easy to prepare, yet I would have loved pictures that show you exactly what you will be eating when following the recipes. When you don’t cook much, you will love shortcuts like using beef stock cubes. When you are used to cook everything yourself, the recipes will guide you on how to combine the allowed ingredients. Some recipe call for non fat ingredients, so ideal for people who follow a low fat diet.

Some recipes use rice and potato, so we aren’t exactly on a paleo diet either. Having said that, lots of vegetables and fruits is always a better choice than the standard western diet.

I love the diet because of the easy principle: since your body uses energy for anything it does, including digesting food, you simply add as much food items that burn more calories than they give you.

    For example: an apple has 65 calories in it but needs 100 calories to digest completely. You will get an energy boost of the sugar in the apple, hence don’t feel the hunger and in the mean time your body starts burning more energy than it receives in order to digest the apple.

    I am pretty skeptical about the exact numbers of calories needed to burn an apple, but it’s no rocket science that the overal result of eating an apple is very different that eating French fries when it comes to loosing or gaining weight.

The challenge of sticking the rest of your life to this diet… well, when you only eat negative calorie foods, you will end op with zero calories to burn… Good for temporary weight loss, but not an option for your complete life. Always listen to your body and eat more food than just negative calorie foods, especially when your lifestyle demands you to exercise or move a lot.

What I like about the diet

Since you will be eating a lot without much calories, you will increase your intake of vitamins and minerals profoundly, so you will feel stronger and overall boost your immune system, in other words: you wont get sick so easily. Go figure: by having overal less calories in your body, you still feel that you have more energy than before you started the diet.

What I like is the ease of the diet: you don’t have to start calculating calories yourself, you simply eat and snack on the foods from the list of allowed food items, and the results will speak for themselves.

Some of these foods from A to Z are apples, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, grapefruit, onions, oranges, papaya, pineapple, watermelon… :all these foods increase your metabolic rate. They force your body to increase its enzyme production which in turn breaks down calories at a higher rate.

Most importantly: you will eat a lot, so your body will never feel that you are on a hunger strike. The diet will speeds up your metabolism, because your body senses that it is being fed properly. When there are no more calories to burn off from the food you ate, your body simply turns to burning its excess stored fat for the energy it needs to get you through the rest of the day.

The diet is not rocket science and reminds me to the apple my mother gave me to snack on when she sent me to school… it’s simply good, old wisdom.

All in all the negative calorie food diet is easy to follow in the sense that you don’t have to calculate calories nor do you have to spend time reading food labels. The recipes are tasteful, you can eat as much as you want and it is a lasting diet.

Keep in mind that the negative calorie diet is a diet ideal to loose weight and a diet that inspires you what healthy snacks to eat.  

What others think about the negative calorie food diet

Of course the testimonials on the website of the negative calorie diet are positive.

If you Google around you will find lots of people loosing weight after incorporating recipes of the negative calorie diet 2 to 3 times a week into their daily family meals. These people try to snack as much as possible on negative calorie items and start noticing that they are loosing a few pounds.

Let’s quote others:

  • …I went ahead and tried out the negative calorie diet … and I lost 7 pounds in 7 days. It was amazing. I was never hungry. Of course I didn’t eat pizza and drink cola, I only ate the negative calorie foods as explained in the book.
  • I’ve heard about "negative calorie" foods for a few years. At first the idea came out as this exciting thing but the only reason the foods are "negative calorie" is because you burn more calories eating them than you get out of them. They are just very low calorie foods. The best thing about them is they make great snacks.

I believe the Negative Calorie Food diet is one easy and proven way to introduce you to a healthier lifestyle and especially to teach you how to enjoy healthy snacks that will take away your hunger and help you reducing weight. >> Click here when you want to buy the book so you can get more information, get more motivation and start right away with meal plans and recipes.