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Recipe collections:

  • Recipes at
    Thousands of recipes with quick and easy searching. Chicken recipes, beef recipes, crockpot recipes and much more.
    This is a free site for all users . Feel free to place your recipe into our database along with a link back to your web site or home page.
  • 1001Recipes2Send
    Thousands of recipes, tips, food related stories, links and more at your fingertips! eMail your favourite to a friend, save it to your virtual Recipe Box or print the printer friendly version and whip it up tonight. Be sure to add one of your own recipes to the database and/or post a message to the forum to find a recipe you need.

Regional Cooking Websites:


  • Asia Asian Online Recipes
    "The unrivaled practical guide for Asian recipes…demystifies the flavors of the East"
  • China All Chinese Food Cooking and Recipes
    Free mouth watering Chinese recipes, easy to follow and cook. Learn everything about Chinese cuisine and amaze yourself, family and friends with your Chinese cooking skills.
  • India Indian Food Kitchen
    Looking for an Indian Recipe? Our small collection of Indian recipes is for all those who love Indian cuisine…
  • India
    Authentic Indian Recipes, Kitchen Tips, Food Facts, Indian Festival Calendar with Free Reminder Service and much more.
  • Indonesia Merry’s Kitchen of Indonesian Cuisine and Recipes
    Welcome to my hot and smoky Indonesian Kitchen. This site contains over 400 authentic favorite Indonesian recipes and some of them have pictures. You can find other type of cuisine from all over the world, such as American, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Australian cuisine and many others.  I also created some new sites which consists of recipes from the countries I just mentioned above.  Hopefully, these additions will bring you back to my web sites more often.  Don’t forget, if you have any cooking related questions, please e-mail me.
  • Thailand Thai Food
    Thai food – a tantalizing variety of ingredients blended into one of the most exciting cusines in the world. Explore the flavorful combinations and experience the serene culture.
  • Thailand Appon’s Thai Food Recipes
    This site is full of recipes from Appon’s native Thailand.


  • Dutch/Indonesian Henk’s Hot Kitchen – Indonesian food and recipes
    Indonesian food is still little known. On this small site you’ll find all the more popular dishes, like "Nasi Goreng", "Beef Rendang", "Sate’s" and a range of fiercely hot "Sambals". Dishes will be added on a regular basis.
  • Portugal Portuguese Homestyle Cooking and Portuguese Recipes is promoting a cookbook,"Portuguese Homestyle Cooking" dedicated to the traditional cooking of the Portuguese as it is prepared at home, filled with nutrious heart-warming soups, hearty stews, luscious sweets, including helpful tips, easy to follow instructions using ingredients that are readily available to nearly everyone. 

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