The best way to lose weight

The easiest and best way to lose weight is to eat fewer bad calories, add negative calories and increase your physical activity. Add to that eating smaller portions more times a day. And stay away from fastfood, processed food or ready made foods: they all contain:

  • way too much sugar and salt to give it some taste
  • way too much saturated fats, so they preserve better.

The intelligent reader by now has noticed that these foods are not made for keeping you healthy. In stead they are made for making the seller richer without he caring a bit of your health!

Going back to basics is really the best way to lose weight

The Best Way To Lose Weight

The last 50 years the food industry made US citizens more obese than ever. So the best way to lose weight is looking back how things are with people that don’t follow a typical US fastfood diet. No need to eat only bread and potatoes and drink milk (although that will make you lose weight for sure) : e.g. lots of Vietnamese are skinny and they do eat a variety of delicious foods, so what can you change without loosing the zest of life?

  1. Change fuzzy drinks with water or tea or fresh fruit juice. The amount of sugar you will consume with this simple change are enormous.
  2. Eat smaller portions but eat more than 3 times a day. Make sure you start your day with a breakfast and in between meals enjoy snacks from the negative calorie diet.
  3. Eat out of small plates in dark colors. Remember the last time you went to a restaurant? What was the size and the color of your plate? Huge and white? What are the colors of the McDonalds logo? Red and yellow. Why? Because red and yellow increase your appetite. Why are cooking sites using orange colors? Because again orange increases your appetite as well. That’s why we recommend using dark blue plates as dark blue is the color that fights off your appetite the most.
  4. Put some weights in your favorite sofa and each time your TV shows advertisement, start working out with the weights. Also use them when you are following the news or any show that doesn’t need your full attention.
  5. Read the food labels and avoid huges amounts of sugar or syrup, saturated fats. Also avoid anything with added Vitamins and minerals. Why? If it was naturally meant to be eaten, there would have been vitamins and minerals available already.
    If you hate reading food labels then go for the following rules of thumb: buy food without a label (fruits and vegetables that is) and buy food that doesn’t have a long shelf life: anything that can be stored a long time on a shelf can be stored long time in your body as extra weight.

Make sure you love what you are eating: there is lots of food out their that is both delicious and can make you lose weight. If you want to know which foods have zero calories and which delicious recipes you can make with them, then buy the Negative Calorie Diet ebook.

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