Thai curry chicken recipe

Serves 2 in less than 45 minutes: delicious and easy Thai red chicken curry with homemade or supermarket curry paste.

Thai green curry paste recipe

Much more tastier than what you find in the supermarket: quick and easy Thai green curry paste recipe with mostly fresh ingredients: make enough and store access in your freezer.

This paste can also become a red paste when you simply substitute the green pepper with red pepper. You can read further following this link for a delicious yet simple Thai red curry paste recipe.

Thai red curry paste recipe

This fast and easy fiery Thai red curry paste recipe in a blender can be used 3 to 6 times in meals for 4 people.

If you can’t find Thai red curry paste ready made in your local supermarket, or you want a more authentic flavor that fits your creativity and palate, use the recipe below as a guideline.

Thai tom yum soup recipe

Learn how to make a delicious sweet, sour and spicy tom yum soup in less than 20 minutes with easy to find ingredients.

Venezuelan arepas recipe

Prepare this quick and easy traditional Venezuelan arepas recipe so you will enjoy these delicious corncakes with your own choice of savory filling. No oven needed, a frying pan works equally well. Fill your arepas simply with cheese or with any combination of savory meats, beans, plantains and/or again cheese. What are arepas? Translated from […]

Fresh lime juice

Prepare one of these fast and delicious fresh lime juice recipes so you will be refreshed on a hot summer’s day in a very healthy way. What do you do when working outside on a hot day? I bet you grab some fuzzy drink, add lots of ice and well, before you know it, you […]

Chocolate truffles recipe

2 easy and proven chocolate truffle recipes that even your kids can make, so you can enjoy delicious and cheap chocolate sweets whenever you feel like it. What are chocolate truffles? They are chocolate confectioneries with the odd form of a truffle mushroom, covered in cocoa powder. These sweet treats are actually made from what […]

Qing ming festival

Find out what the qing ming festival is all about, when is it and what special food will be served. Wondering why there are so many cars on the highway around the 5th of April in Malaysia? It’s because lots of Chinese people are visiting the graves of their ancestors during Tomb-Sweeping day of "qing […]

Chinese new year traditional food

Look at the pictures and learn about Chinese new year: traditional food, where to eat, what to eat and what to avoid. Chinese New Year (CNY) is the morst important festival of the Chinese calendar – also known as the spring festival -. It is celebrated for 15 days, starting on the 2nd new moon […]

Mediterranean garlic sauce

Delicious Greek garlic sauce to serve with toasted bread or as a dip with deep fried fish.

My inspiration for this recipe came after reading how Greek chef Rena V. made a Greek garlic sauce with mashed potatoes. Rena V. has been cooking for more than 40 years, always looking to make sure the food presented was delicious, healthy, balanced and now even more than ever in Greece: payable.